LPG is a proven high performance, clean, efficient and economical alternative to petrol. JC Automotive, Picton mechanics are specialists in LPG conversion and in servicing LPG car tanks. JC Automotive can also exchange reconditioned and new LPG convertors that are in stock.

Exhaust making more noise than the garbage truck in the morning? One tell-tale sign of an exhaust that needs repair is the loud noise it is making. You should have your car's exhaust system checked regularly by a JC Automotive exhaust system specialist.

Maybe you're looking to get extra performance from your car? Adding extractors to your cars exhaust system can give you more power, a cooler engine and increased fuel economy.

The specialist car exhaust team at JC Automotive at Picton are experienced in all aspects of exhaust service including system, pipe, performance and exhaust repairs service.

JC Automotive Repairs offers all of our valued clients cost effective solutions and straight forward explanations for any issues they may be experiencing. Our mechanical car engine experts provide a range of services including:

  • Air conditioning service
  • LPG service & installation (Liquid & Vapour Injection)
  • Manufacturers warranty log book servicing
  • EFI fuel system servicing & tuning
  • Full brake machining service on car & off car
  • Clutch repairs including flywheel grinding
  • Wheel balancing
  • Cylinder head servicing
  • Pink slips & Blue Sips
  • Exhaust systems standard & custom
  • Off car & on car fuel injector servicing
  • All suspension repairs
  • Automatic transmission servicing & repairs
  • Power steering system service & repairs
  • Full range of batteries with nationwide 2 year guarantee


08 Sep
JC Automotive are committed to giving our customers high-quality and friendly service right from the very beginning, and that includes when you are on...